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The GRV Group of Companies specializes in providing services in the field of accounting, auditing and training of accountants. The knowledge and experience of our specialists allow us to offer our clients high-quality and professional services.

Our team consists of specialists with more than 25 years of experience.

An individual approach to each client allows us to make our cooperation more comfortable and productive.

Roman-David Grachev,
CEO | tel. +7 (727) 229-50 -33

Gaziza Naurzgalieva Head of GRV School | tel. +7 (727) 329-62-09

The only obstacle to the implementation of our plans for tomorrow can be our doubts today.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Minura Seydimarova,
Head of Outsourcing Department | tel. +7 (727) 329-62-09

Liana Valyavina
Head of Audit Department | tel. +7 (727) 229-50 -33

Be careful with small expenses: the smallest leak can sink a large ship.

Benjamin Franklin

We get to the top most often through the wreckage of our cherished plans, discovering that it was our failures that brought us success.

Amos Bronson Alcott

Артем Журавлев,
Руководитель IT отдела | тел. +7 (727) 329-62-09

Diana Tatabaeva
Head of marketing department | tel. +7 (727) 229-50 -33

Want to know more about us?
We are always happy to help. Contact us by phone, on social networks or just come and have tea :-)
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